Myers Cocktail IV solution bag by DiscoverIV

Myers Cocktail $189

Vitamin C | B12 | B-Complex | Magnesium | Zinc

A Myers’ Cocktail IV infusion can provide a quick and comprehensive replenishment of essential vitamins and minerals to boost energy, improve overall well-being, and support various health-related concerns.


Overall Wellness

Increased Energy

Immunity Boost

Quicker Recovery

More About This IV Therapy Treatment​

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well known for it’s role in supporting your immune system. It can help the body produce and maintain a healthy level of white blood cells, which is what helps your body prevent and fight off infections and illnesses. Vitamin C can help the body recover more quickly from illnesses by allowing for tissue repair and reducing severity of symptoms.


B12 is crucial to the body’s overall health. It supports necessary processes for survival, such as red blood cell formation, maintaining healthy nerve cells and functions, DNA repair, and help individuals who eat a low meat or vegetarian diet meet healthy dietary goals


A deficiency in B vitamins can weaken the immune system and make the body more susceptible to infections. B-complex vitamins are involved in the production and maturation of immune cells, including white blood cells, which are essential for the body’s defense against infections


Magnesium is involved in maintaining a regular heart rhythm and supporting cardiovascular health. It helps relax blood vessels, which can lower blood pressure. Magnesium is important for bone health, working in conjunction with calcium and vitamin D to support bone formation and maintenance. It helps regulate calcium levels in the body


Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions and helps promote overall health improvements. Some of the key benefits of Zinc include:

  • Assisted wound healing and tissue repair,
  • Maintaining a well rounded sense of taste and smell,
  • Regulation of hormones, including thyroid hormones,
  • Aiding the production of healthy sperm in men and improving reproductive health in women,
  • Sustaining good vision and protecting against macular degeneration,
  • And reducing the risk of chronic diseases and maintaining healthy skin through antioxidant

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