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Welcome to our Group IV Infusion Sessions! DiscoverIV clients can receive up to 25% off of Group IV therapy treatments of parties of 2+

Experience group treatment with DiscoverIV, where our group IV sessions offer a unique opportunity for individuals to share in the benefits of IV therapy in a supportive and social setting!

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Group sessions are perfect for:

Household Illness​​

When everyone in the household is sick, group IV sessions can provide a convenient and effective way to boost the immune systems of all family members simultaneously, aiding in a faster recovery.

Post-Night Out Recovery

After a long night out with friends or family, group IV sessions can help alleviate the effects of fatigue, dehydration, and hangovers, allowing everyone to feel revitalized.


On the big day, brides, grooms, and the wedding party can partake in group IV sessions to ensure they’re feeling their best, both in terms of energy and appearance.


Special birthday celebrations like quinceañeras, 21st Birthdays, and other milestones often involve long hours of festivities. Group IV sessions can offer an energy boost and help participants stay vibrant throughout the celebration.


Special Occasions

Whether it’s a milestone anniversary, graduation, or a family reunion, group IV sessions can be a pre-event wellness activity to ensure that everyone is at their healthiest and most energetic.

Recovery After Intense Workouts

For those involved in fitness or sports activities, group IV sessions can aid in post-workout recovery by providing essential nutrients and hydration to help muscles recover and reduce soreness.

Enhancing General Well-Being

Many individuals choose group IV sessions as part of their routine for overall well-being and health maintenance. It’s a proactive approach to staying healthy.

Preventing Illness During Travel

Before embarking on a family vacation, business trip, or a group expedition, participants can engage in group IV sessions to strengthen their immune systems and minimize the risk of getting sick while traveling.


Coping With Seasonal Changes

As seasons change, group IV sessions can help individuals prepare for seasonal challenges, such as allergies, increased fatigue, or weather-related ailments.


Whether you’re seeking hydration, immune support, energy boost, or relief from various health concerns, our experienced team of nurses and healthcare professionals are here to guide you through the process. Discover the advantages of our group IV sessions as you rejuvenate, relax, and revitalize in the company of close friends and loved ones.

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