Athletic Repair IV Bag Treatment

Athletic Repair $179

Vitamin C | Magnesium | Glutathione (IVP) | Toradol

Valuable option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to accelerate recovery and optimize their performance. This therapy aids in the repair and growth of muscle tissue. It helps reduce post-workout soreness, speed up recovery, and replenish essential nutrients lost during strenuous physical activity. It is an efficient solution for those seeking to maintain peak physical condition and achieve their fitness goals.


Advanced Recovery

Soreness Relief

Replenish Fluids

Muscle Growth

More About This IV Therapy Treatment

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can reduce oxidative stress that can occur in the body after a workout and help to decrease inflammation. It can aid in the reduction of muscle fatigue, soreness, and stiffness, allowing for quicker recovery.



Magnesium may help prevent muscle cramps and spasms, making it beneficial for athletes and individuals prone to muscle cramps.


Glutathione has been shown to reduce muscle damage and fatigue during and after exercise. It can help to speed up recovery from exercise by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness. Glutathione can also aid muscle growth by increasing the production of muscle proteins.


A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that assists with pain, swelling, and fevers without a drowsy aftereffect

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